Students and Faculty Celebrate the “opening” of Houses.

Hughes Middle School has been working hard to motivate and encourage all of our students toward success.   Our HMS staff is dedicated to creating a culture of belonging.  Creating this culture allows for the building of strong relationships, increasing student engagement, and increasing the level of expectations for all of our HMS students.

In order to accomplish all of these goals, we are assigning all students and faculty members into one of six ‘houses’. Our houses will create families within a family, allowing all students to feel a part of something and find support when they need it.  These houses will serve as a vehicle for emotional and social support that act as a learning community for our HMS students. It is our goal that the members of each house become close-knit and help support and encourage their fellow house members. The structure allows for healthy competition, camaraderie, and the excitement of students having hundreds of individuals supporting them and working towards a common goal.

On Thursday, January 12th, students received their invitation to their House and joined a celebration with the other members.  Each House met in a different location of the building and introduced the House teacher leaders, as well as the purpose of the House system.  Students were excited and eager to join the celebration.

The Husky Houses and colors are:  Nasara – maroon and gold, Kalina – gold and black, Mana – green, silver, and black, Starke – purple and black, Eolas – navy blue and black, and Pathos – Orange and black.

Houses are in the process of electing student leaders, as well as designing a crest for their house.

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