BISD’s Wildly Important Goal (the WIG)


“Students’ mastery of subject matter rests heavily upon their ability to read proficiently. Likewise, a teacher’s capacity to cover all the material in a course and cultivate successful learners depends largely on the students’ reading skills, as these skills are inextricably linked to problem solving, critical thinking, writing, researching, organizing ideas, reasoning, and creativity.”

Strong, R., Silver, H., Perini, M., and Tuculescu G. (2017). Reading for Academic Success. Retrieved             from

If you ask any staff member of BISD of what our school district’s Wildly Important Goal (WIG) is for the 17-18 school year you will receive the same answer:

To Increase Reading and Writing by 10 percentage points by June 2018

Teachers know the importance of reading and writing, so much so that they have grasped the idea of the goal and run with it. Students who are asked with tell you that they are definitely reading and writing more. They are being “pushed” academically to think deeper and defend their responses in written form.

Teams are also focused on what measures, lead* and lag*, they will take to work toward increasing reading and writing scores. Each grade level and core subject area has been tasked with creating a lead measure which they will revisit periodically.

*Lead Measures are both predictive, meaning they lead to the accomplishment of the Lag Measure, and they are influenceable, meaning you can do something about them.

*Lag Measure is the goal